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Benefits of Legal Support Services

In-house Experts

Lawyers with 3-6 years of experience in real estate law, who worked for a prestigious law firm, are able to address the needs

Simple to Complex Issues

From vetting – drafting – complaints – notice – wills all under one roof including support with established firms


We are confident that we will provide you with the best services at the lowest price.

Drafting Sale Agreement

The final terms and conditions of the sale define everything that happens between the buyer and seller during the transaction.

Drafting Lease/Leave and License Agreement

An agreement to give someone the right to use your property while you are temporarily absent. i.e., property, for a specific period without any change in the ownership of the asset.

Drafting of Letter of Administration

The Letter of Administration is a document issued after someone dies without a will. The letters give the administrator the right to distribute assets according to state intestate succession laws.

Comprehensive Tenant Verification

Tenant verification is the process of carrying out a background check to determine whether the tenant is genuine. This includes address and government-authorized id verification.

Documents Inspection Report + Title Flow

Set of documents that you need us to vet and create a checklist of documents provided and highlighting pending documents.

Court Case Check

Check On District, Supreme Court, NCLT, DRT, Etc. To verify cases filed against an individual, company or LLP filed before different courts, highlights pending and disposed of cases facing that person.

Drafting of RERA Complaint

This Come With 2 Attendance On Hearing. A complaint was filed regarding disputes or disagreements by allottees and developers.

Sale Agreement Vetting

Sale Agreement Vetting means making careful and critical examination of sale agreement which will be sent by other party and making requisite changes to the same.

Drafting of MOU

MOU is the starting point for negotiation and is an agreement that records the scope and the purpose of documents.

Digital Title Search

This Is Done for a Unit, Or A Land, Or Multiple Units and Lands. A title search is a research of public records to find out the legal ownership and find out what claims are on a property.

Drafting of Property Gift Deed

A gift deed is an agreement that is used, when a person wishes to gift his property or money tosomeone else.

Drafting Legal letters/ Notice/Complaint

A letter containing dispute/difference in the commercial understanding or any other issue between the parties.